'Assisted Mobility' Documentary Explores How Mobility Aids Can Go Beyond Wheelchairs and Walkers

A young film student explores disability and mobility devices in his new short documentary, “Assisted Mobility.” Taylor Lewis was born with a rare genetic condition that causes his muscles to be three times more dense than usual. This limits his flexibility and leads to fatigue and chronic pain. Lewis tried traditional mobility devices such as wheelchairs and scooters, but nothing really worked for him. Until he had the chance to try the M1 Electric Skateboard.

Since 2010, the Americans With Disabilities Act has covered the use of alternative power-driven mobility devices, so long as they are used responsibly and do not interfere with essential safety requirements. Many individuals with limited stamina or who cannot sit for long periods of time now use Segways and similar devices instead of a wheelchair or scooter. Lewis’ film explores how using an electric longboard affects not just his mobility, but how people perceive him.

Watch the full documentary below.

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