A&E's 'Born This Way' Renewed for Season 4

On Wednesday, A&E announced “Born This Way,” a docu-series following seven young adults with Down syndrome will be renewed for a fourth season.

The show has seen a lot of success within its three seasons. In 2016, “Born This Way” won an Emmy for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Series, and has been praised by the Down syndrome community for the way it shows people with Down syndrome.

This year, season two has been nominated for six Emmy awards including three for editing, one for casting, one for cinematography and another award for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Series.

“Sean is elated to have one more opportunity to teach the world that people with Down syndrome have the same hopes, dreams, ambitions and desires that every human has,” Sandra McElwee, mom of cast member Sean McElwee, told The Mighty. “And now that he has started his own business he can’t wait to show his t-shirt designs based on his funny sayings.”

“Over the past three seasons, ‘Born This Way’ has been a prime example of quality storytelling that motivates us to celebrate and embrace diversity,” Elaine Frontain Bryant, EVP and head of programming at A&E, told Deadline. “We are honored to reunite with these incredible young adults and their families as they fearlessly share their accomplishments, struggles and dreams, shifting society’s perception about differences along the way.”

“Born This Way’s” fourth season will include eight new episodes.

Image credit: “Born This Way’s” Facebook page

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