A Major Myth About Chronic Pain That Needs to Be Addressed

Hello. I’m Morgan, I’m 16 and I have several chronic illnesses. Today I want to address a major myth about me having it “easier” when I’m experiencing my “normal” pain level.

I have chronic pain, stemming from two different illnesses. Pain occurs on a daily basis for me. It has become my “normal,” even though most people don’t feel this way.

People assume that because I feel this way on a regular basis that it isn’t as bad. They think that I don’t feel the pain anymore – that I have become immune somehow. But this is not anywhere near what I go through. I did not become immune to the pain, though I have found some coping mechanisms. I have become able to still move in this pain, but the pain doesn’t go away.

It has given me a higher pain tolerance, but I still feel everything. Just because it has become my “normal” doesn’t mean that it is any easier. I still feel all of it. Every. Last. Bit.

My bones feel like they are broken, and my muscles are spasming. Just because I’m moving doesn’t mean I don’t feel the pain.

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