When It Comes to Down Syndrome, I Choose Jobs!

With the recent news coverage on Iceland’s termination rates for Down syndrome, it seems the world is pushing eugenics as a solution for Down syndrome. I am pushing jobs.

I am believing jobs are a much better solution for the question that many professionals ask, “What about when they are adults?” Give them a job for crying out loud. A vocation. Something meaningful in their life like every single human being experiences. But please please please do not tell me that you eliminate an entire group of people because jobs were not available.


My daughter has Down syndrome. She is 12. I have been approached by many families who tell me their adult child could not get a job. I looked at my husband and I said this, “I refuse to knock on doors and beg anyone to hire my daughter, and we should ensure not one other person has to do the same.”

So I started a coffee company. And many others started one after me. Each new company made me more and more proud. Our voice was being heard. Today, Dreamers is growing. Every person who purchases our products helps me hire individuals of all abilities.

I am pushing jobs. While the professional world seems to be pushing eugenics.


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