A Goodbye Letter to My College Therapist, From Your Thursday Afternoon Client

To my college therapist,

It’s a forever goodbye, a “see you never again,” a “have a nice life.” It’s closing a book I can never open again. After graduation, I won’t ever be able to see you.

This goodbye is difficult. For the past year and a half, we met pretty much every week I was at school. You were everything I needed in a therapist.

Sometimes, my time at the counseling services was the one hour a week I felt like I was able to, and deserved, to get help. And sometimes, I didn’t feel like I even deserved that hour. You changed the way I think and feel about therapy. I no longer feel guilty for getting help — no person is any more or less deserving of therapy.

I cannot thank you enough for caring, listening, challenging me and believing in me. You supported me in every way you knew how, and found me the support I needed if you weren’t able to provide it.

You stood by me through sessions where I was stubborn, exhibiting patience and kindness throughout our entire time together. You were an advocate for me and taught me how to become one for myself. Hands down, you helped me get through times I didn’t think I’d make it out of.

You showed me what a good therapist looks like.

Looking for a new therapist is a daunting task. It’s not something that many people talk about when discussing the changes that occur leading up to, and after, graduation. I haven’t spoken with anyone who is struggling as intensely with such a goodbye — and I talk to others about therapy a lot. The struggles I’m having are a testament to our relationship, because it’s hard to leave something or someone so good.

I’m looking for you in every therapist I call. I’m scared. I’m afraid to leave you. I’m easily discouraged as I talk and meet with other therapists. My expectations of therapists are high, and frankly, the others I’ve come across just don’t cut it. However, it’s also because of you that I know I am capable of forming a relationship like the one I have with you, with another therapist. So, thank you.

I will miss you. Not only are you a good therapist — you are a good person. I’m thankful to have met you.

Thank you for renewing my faith in therapy, thanks for working with me through some dark times, and thanks for being you.


Your Thursday afternoon client

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