A Thank You to My Little Cheerleaders for Giving Me Purpose

A few years ago, if you had told me I would get to be the aunt of two little amazing children, I’d tell you that’s unbelievable. The only sibling I have is four years younger than me, and there’s no one else who could give me such a relative. However, that was until I reunited with an old friend over a year ago. Now she is my best friend and other half, but I wanted to take a moment to write this about her two little ones, who I lovingly call “my crazies.” I’ve really gotten to know them this past year and they call me their tía.

They have adopted me into their family and I’m forever grateful. Now as much as she does for me (which is more than anyone) there are certain little things her children do that give me purpose. I want to start by disclaiming that even though her kids are young (I. is 4 and J. is 2) they understand when I have a bad day and tone it down. I wanted to take this time to thank them for the little things they unknowingly do.

Thank you, I., for singing “Get Back Up Again” from Trolls at the top of your lungs and making me smile, no matter how upset I am.

Thank you, J., for giving the best hugs and most random kisses that are always just what I need.

Thank you, I., for playing “hairdresser” and brushing my hair when I can’t find the strength to brush it.

Thank you, J., for always getting me a snack when you get one because “everyone needs snack always.”

Thank you, I., for letting me help you get dressed and pick out your shoes so I can feel like I have a purpose.

Thank you, J., for having the cutest smile and laugh that can be brought on by even the lightest of tickle.

Thank you, I., for letting me teach you easier ways to hold your colors and asking me to color with you.

Thank you, J., for impersonating dinosaurs even while you eat because you know I love them and how you know it makes me smile when you remember their names.

Thank you, I., for thinking you know everything and making up words for the things you don’t know, which makes me smile.

Thank you, J., for always wanting me in your sight and calling out for me when you lose me in the house.

Thank you, I., for always asking questions and wanting to know and learn more even about things I don’t know.

Thank you, J., for taking naps so I can recharge to do it all again in the afternoon.

Thank you, I., for being very helpful and taking care of your brother when he needs help.

Thank you, J., for being tough and a rebel so we can go fast together (you on your scooter and me running) but letting me also pick you up when you fall.

young children picking fruit with baskets

Thank you, both I. and J., for giving me a reason to be a strong role model in your life. You give me a purpose beyond my normal day to day. Whether it be getting up to help you get a snack to changing your diaper to picking you up when you cry, you’ve changed my life.

If it wasn’t for you, I’d be sitting in my room, alone in the dark. Instead, I get to watch movies like Trolls and Moana and hear you giggle as you sit in my lap to watch them. You are still little, so you can’t quite understand the meaning of it all yet. I hope you never have to feel the pain in your heart that I do but if you do, I’ll be there. If the day comes that you’re crying and want the world to end, I will air pop some popcorn (their favorite) and put on a kid’s movie and sit on the couch and hold you like you do with me.

Lastly, thank you to their mom and my best friend, for letting me be a part of y’all’s life. You do so much for me and take such good care of me. Being their tía gives me more purpose beyond just taking care of myself. It makes me fight through the dark times to live another day and spend more time with you all. I can’t wait to watch them grow up to be amazing humans and I know they will be great people.

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