The Moments I'm Thankful for as a Person With Autism

I have autism. I’ve had some amazing moments. I got pop singer Elton John’s autograph, got county and pop Shania Twain’s autograph, graduated college; the list goes on and on. I felt after a certain time that I should be grateful I had some of these moments and thank the places that were a part of them. I started to write thank you letters to the venues where some of these moments took place.

I had multiple wonderful moments at an arena in my area. I wrote them a thank you letter telling them about it. That arena is where that Elton John moment happened, my college graduation, and the 900th episode of WWE Smackdown. After I did that, they responded with a letter saying thank you and were grateful that they have been a part of some of my greatest life moments. They also sent free hockey tickets, WWE merchandise, and tickets for another event.

I also wrote a letter to the Warner Bros Studio Tour I visited in California thanking them for the experience. They wrote back saying “glad you enjoyed the tour” and sent a free tour guide. They also said if I already had one, to give it to someone else. I didn’t have one, so I kept it.

If any other people with autism have had amazing moments at a certain place, I encourage you to write them a thank you letter. You never know what it might mean to them!

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Thinkstock photo by Azri Suratmin.

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