My Daughter With Down Syndrome Had Open-Heart Surgery

My stomach was in knots. I was worried and scared. I did’t want my baby to hurt. I didn’t want my baby to be afraid. I looked at my precious little Savannah as I changed her diaper, as I bathed her and as I kissed her tummy to make her laugh. I could not help but think her newborn skin, flawless and new, would be forever changed after having open-heart surgery. I knew there would be a scar.

As Savannah approached her open-heart surgery I had many emotions and feelings kept inside. I stayed busy to occupy my mind. I tend to repress emotions that are overwhelming, as to not deal with them. When I came across photos of a little one after surgery, I gasped and tears fell. I thought about her chest being cut open and someone literally having her heart in their hands. I thought about her being prodded and poked. I thought of countless wires and tubes coming from her body. Then, I thought of the physical strength she would gain.

I believe God promises to never leave us. He created Savannah and made her in His image. He was aware of her heart defect before she was even conceived. God chose to use a surgical team to repair her heart. This is where my faith comes in. Trusting in God and His omnipotence is what strengthens my faith and draws me closer to Him.


I wanted to see my daughter Savannah healthy and to feel good and full of energy. I focused on her well being.

I trust in God; I truly do. However, I’m human. I am protective and defensive. Several moms who had been in my shoes reached out, and that means more to me than I can express. I, too, want to be a light and encouragement to others like many have been for me. I hope to be a conduit for love to others, and by sharing our story, help the next one in line.

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