Store Pulls Offensive Mental Health Product After Community Criticism

The week, the non-profit OCD-UK campaigned to get a product taken off the shelves of the UK-based store The Range, which they say made light of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), a mental illness that can have a serious impact on those who have it.

The store featured two pieces of wall art which read, “I have got OCD: Obsessive Cat Disorder” and “I have got OCD: Obsessive Cake Disorder.”

Using the hashtag, #IHaveGotOCD, some took to Twitter to explain how products like these can be damaging to those with mental illnesses.

In a blog post on OCD-UK’s site, spokesperson Ashley Fulwood wrote, “Every time somebody misuses the OCD acronym for a ‘joke,’ a little part of [someone who has OCD] dies inside, the stigma that the ‘joke’ creates can be life-limiting, because people suffering with OCD close down and are left feeling they can’t talk to anybody.”

The organization says there’s a difference between someone finding humor in their own OCD, and stores that make money from products trivializing the disorder. OCD-UK started bringing attention to the product on Sunday, August 13, but said The Range didn’t respond to their request until Wednesday. After getting through to a senior executive, OCD-UK wrote in a follow-up blog post that the OCD-themed product was pulled.

We have been assured that this is a permanent withdrawal of the items, and they are committed not to create further distress so they have pledged to destroy the items.  OCD-UK wish to go on record by thanking the retailers senior management for recognising the seriousness of the issue and taking the decisive action and commitment to resolve this.

This is not the first time the OCD community has rallied against a product. Two years ago, people were outraged when Target sold a sweater with a similar theme: Obsessive Christmas Disorder.

What’s your take? Let us know in the comments below. 

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