To Idina Menzel, From a Fan With Cerebral Palsy

Dear Idina Menzel,

I discovered your album “I Stand” right before my Mom got diagnosed with cancer for the first time. I instantly fell in love with every song and lyric. You were saying everything I was thinking and feeling but couldn’t articulate. You got me though those days. After a long day filled with fear, I would go into my room and watch YouTube videos of you on the “I Stand” tour. You made me laugh in every video. For a little while each day, I was able to forget the fear.

“Brave” helped to get me through. When I was trying to be strong for my whole family, I would come into my room and cry. You and your music helped to pick me back up every time. You were my strength. I saw you live for the first time with your symphony tour and laughed the entire time. You inspire me to keep auditioning for shows, to keep working in my voice lessons and singing the music I love.

I cried when I first heard “I See You.” That song is me for so many reasons. I grew up feeling alone, in hospital rooms, doctor’s offices and therapist’s offices, due to all of the treatment I needed for my physical disability, cerebral palsy. I felt like nobody really saw me and understood me. You did. That song showed me again and again.

Another song that means so much to me is “Like Lighting.” I have generalized anxiety disorder. It is an everyday challenge to believe in myself and trust myself. You are saying everything my younger self needed to hear and that I need to hear now. You inspire me to continue to work towards being the the best version of myself I can be, and to believe in myself. You inspire me every single day. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for always being here for me. I love you so much!

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Photo via Idina Menzel Facebook page.

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