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5 Things I Want Teachers to Keep in Mind This Year About My Daughter With ADHD

I’m the proud parent of an 11-year-old daughter with ADHD. She likes to be busy all the time, even when she’s on medication. She’s like the energizer bunny — she never stops. She is extremely observant and has a love of learning new things. She reminds me of doctor’s appointments, to take my medication, to pick things up at the store. It’s like she remembers everything I tell her.

This is what I want teachers to keep in mind this school year:

1. Let her be her.

Yes, she is busy, so give her jobs to do. Anything from passing out papers to running errands, let her help you and your day will be much better.

2. Remember she’s trying.

Although it may seem like she’s rushing through her work, remember her mind is working at warp speed. Her world is zooming around her and she she wants to be going on to the next thing.

3. Know that some kids, especially with ADHD, are not good test takers.

If you ask my daughter a question about what was taught in school that day, she’ll tell you, no problem. You put it in test form and she feels overwhelmed. Forget state standards and scores for a minute and focus on my child. Don’t teach to the test.


4. Let her have that fidget spinner.

I know some teachers were having issues last year with those things, but if it helps her to concentrate, life will be easier for you and her.

5. Enjoy her.

You will only have her this year so enjoy her curiosity, enthusiasm, willingness to help and the yearning to learn.

This will be the only year you have her, so have fun while it lasts.  You never know, this might be my daughter’s and yours best year ever.

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