Target Adds Low-Cost Sensory-Friendly Clothing to Its Kids Line

Target’s line of kids’ clothing Cat and Jack is releasing a limited edition collection of sensory-friendly clothes designed by Stacey Monsen.

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Target Adds Low-cost Sensory-friendly Clothing to Its Kids Line.

The line was designed in part by Stacey Monsen, a design director whose daughter is on the autism spectrum.

Items in the collection include shirts for girls and boys, and girls’ leggings.

All items feature heat-transferred labels in place of tags and flat seams.

Graphic tees have no embellishments and have one-dimensional designs to reduce irritation.

And leggings are easy to pull on with a higher rise to fit with diapers.

Sizes range from XS to XL and 2T to 5T, with prices from $4.50 To $7.

But before you run to the store, the collection is only available online.

While the collection is limited, target said it plans on adding adaptive clothing for kids with disabilities this fall.


“The Target team has immense passion and collective knowledge, and I love that we’re using it to develop products and solutions that will change people’s lives. My goal is to keep being an advocate, for my daughter and for others.” – Stacey Monsen


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