A Letter to Myself: You Don't Need to Apologize for Your Health Limitations

Dear apologetic Lindsay,

You are adventurous. You are a go-getter. You are someone who likes to push your limits. You love being outside. However, with your adventurous spirit, you know you have limitations and sometimes these limitations create an overwhelmingly frustrating feeling. There are all these things you desire to do, but sometimes, you just can’t. Your body can only handle so much.

While you are growing older, your limitations are changing. You continue to find new ways to balance your adventurous spirit while never pushing yourself too much. That is something you should be proud of. You have taken a challenging and non-ideal situation and you are making it work.

But I am going to stop you right here. While you continue to show strength, you also continue to apologize for your physical limitations. For example, there isn’t a hike you go on that you do not apologize for needing to take breaks. In fact, you even go as far as apologizing every time you need a break. You even apologize to your husband, who you know absolutely loves you and doesn’t mind taking a break with you.

Why do you do that? Are you embarrassed that you aren’t physically able like those you hike with? Or do you feel bad that you are holding others back? Please, stop the negative thinking and realize that those who are hiking with you or are being adventurous with you, only care about spending time with you. You are always transparent with them about your limitations. So once you disclose those limitations, you never need to apologize again… actually, you never need to apologize at all.

You are worthy of being an adventurer without apologizing. You have never been one to have your condition define you. You have let your condition refine you into the go-getter that you are today. So please, stop apologizing and instead, start planning your next adventure.

Adventurous Lindsay

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