Even the Pope Went to Therapy

When we say everybody can go to therapy, we mean everybody. Even the Pope knows. In his upcoming book, “Pope Francis: Politics and Society,” Pope Francis talks about going to therapy, The Guardian reported.

Pope Francis revealed that in the 1970s, he visited a psychoanalyst once a week for six months to help him “clarify things.”

The Pope said seeing a therapist helped him a lot and made him “feel free.”

There is sometimes a tense relationship between the Church and mental health. More than one person in our community have been told they should “pray away” their mental health struggles or that they should simply have more faith. But, other people feel their relationship with the Church is important to their well-being and a source of support.

And that makes the Pope’s words even more important — getting support from a therapist or seeking mental health treatment doesn’t make you a “bad Christian” and can in fact work with your faith.

Steve Austin, a life-coach and pastor, was encouraged by the Pope’s words. “His vulnerability is refreshing. We need more spiritual leaders who are willing to admit and embrace the fact that they are human first,” he told The Mighty.

Religion and mental health can be tricky, but that only means we need to talk about it more. Check out some important pieces from our Mighty community about the Church and mental health:

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