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How a Compassionate Dentist Helped Me as an Autistic Person

For over a year, maybe it has even been two years, I have been smiling with my mouth closed. This has been due to an issue with my two top front teeth. As an autistic person who becomes overloaded easily, seeing a dentist is a challenge. Bright lights, loud drills, physical sensations, you name it — it’s at the dentist. It’s many a person’s worst nightmare — or close.

I’ve finally met a dentist who really is a calming presence. This is because she was genuine. She was actually very funny, and most importantly, non-judgmental. Well, at least she didn’t judge my teeth out loud.


She gave me two root canals, did some other work and even did a bit extra she didn’t have to do — she made them “look better.” When she said she was going to make them look better, I thought just slightly. After all, they wouldn’t truly look better until I got my crowns on at a later date, right? Wrong! She performed what I consider a miracle and filled in the large hole I had in my front teeth, making them look natural and new.

I had my doubts about seeing the only dentist I was able to because I’m on Medicaid. Well, there was one other option, but they gave me the gut feeling of a big no way. I was wrong regarding Medicaid and got really lucky to see a dentist who helped give me back my confidence and checked in on my every now and then to see if I was “OK, sweetie.”

What a great day! I no longer fear going to the dentist, and I hope you don’t either.

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