'Addy and Uno,' New Off-Broadway Play, Features Characters With Disabilities

“Addy and Uno” is a new off-Broadway play created by Nava Silton and Bonnie Gleicher that stars characters who live with disabilities.

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This New Musical Features Characters With Disabilities.

“Addy and Uno” is a family-friendly show created by Nava Silton and Bonnie Gleicher.

The show stars five young characters with disabilities:

Addy, who has ADHD

Uno, who’s on the autism spectrum

Melody who has a visual impairment

Seemore, who’s hard of hearing and communicates with sign language

And RJ, who uses a wheelchair

Silton and Gleicher consulted people with disabilities when creating the show.

And hope to hire actors with disabilities who match the characters they play.

However, current actors do not have the disabilities of their characters.

While disabled people make up one-fifth of the U.S., disabled actors are rarely given opportunities.

The play addresses themes of bullying, friendship and kindness.


“The hurt and the insecurities are a part of this musical, as well as the joys of friendship, passion and strength.” -Gleicher

“Addy and Uno” runs from August 28-September 24 at The Theatre at 14th Street Y in New York City.

The play is 50 minutes long and steps are being taken to make it sensory-friendly.

You can purchase tickets at addyanduno.com.

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