This Martial Arts Program Is Karate Chopping Stereotypes

This couple opened a karate studio to teach people of all abilities.

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This Martial Arts Program Is Karate Chopping Stereotypes

Kicking The Spectrum teaches people of all abilities Japanese Shotokan Karate.

Located in NYC, the adaptive martial arts program was established by David and Stephanie Rosenberg in 2010.

The program started as karate demonstrations for kids with disabilities at St. Mary’s Hospital.

After seeing how interested the kids were, David began teaching students one-on-one.

Stephanie, a Behavior Analyst, takes David’s curriculum and tailors it to each student’s needs.

Group classes can be as small as 2 to 5 students, allowing everyone individualized attention.

There are also classes that disabled and neurotypical kids can attend together.

“It is often that as a society, individuals are viewed solely on their external limitations.” -David Rosenberg

“However it is often forgotten that apart from their disabilities, these youth have the same general interests, energy levels and social needs as their peers.”

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