How Queensland, Australia Is Using Humor to Address Disability Employment Discrimination

The Queensland government released a video recently called “The No Pile” and I think everyone needs to watch it! The video, co-created and performed by the inclusive theater company IndelabilityArts, uses music and humor to address the issues people with disabilities often have when trying to gain employment, despite being more than capable of doing the job.

The video is part of the “All Abilities Queensland: opportunities for all” campaign launched by the Queensland government this week and it looks amazing. I was so encouraged to hear that the development process of this plan included consultation with the people it would affect the most — people with disabilities. The state disability plan, which will be rolled out over the next few years, focuses on five areas to make Queensland a more inclusive state. These are: creating inclusive communities for all people, encouraging lifelong learning, accessibility to everyday services, participation and leadership and improving employment opportunities.

People with disabilities can be completely capable of maintaining employment and excelling at it. Hiring someone with a disability may mean time flexibility for appointments or creating an accessible workspace. Unfortunately, this means employers usually exclude people with disabilities from employment at their organization, and the rejection excuses people have heard are ridiculous. “No Pile” presents this sad reality in a humorous light because everybody has a role to play.

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