8 Reasons Why Actors, Authors and Advocates Are Activating Their Voices for Autism

“Activate Your Voice for Autism” brings together voice actors who are in favorite video games, cartoons and animated films, stage actors who have appeared on Broadway and London stages, children’s authors, a comic artist, a fan con, and most importantly, autistic advocates. They’ve come together in unity to activate others to become more open and welcoming to people on the autism spectrum.

Here are 8 reasons why they say #Activate4Autism is so important:

1. Everyone deserves to be seen and heard.

“Everyone deserves to be seen and heard. Everyone deserves to be accepted. Everyone deserves to be loved.” Jared Gertner speaks up for anyone who feels different and unheard. He doesn’t want people on the autism spectrum to feel defined by their diagnosis. “I see you. I hear you. I accept you. And I love you.”

Christopher Gorham, Julian Feder, and John Asher from the movie “A Boy Called Po” agree. “Kids on the autism spectrum are just kids. No one should be afraid of them.”

2. People with autism have abilities and dreams too.

Chase Bailey is an advocate who hosts his own cooking show and authored the “Official Chase ‘N Yur Face Cookbook.” He inspires others on the spectrum and proves that sharing one’s abilities adds value to the world. Chase is working hard to make sure there are opportunities for everyone to “chase their dreams.”

3. People with autism are an integral part of society.

Becca Lory, CAS, BCCS believes that “people on the spectrum are an integral part of society and
should be treated that way.” She is advocating for a world that’s built on the strength of neurodiversity and making it a reality, one message at a time.

4. We need to shape a better place for those with autism.

Robert Watkins is changing workplace culture and encourages employers see the benefits in hiring autistic employees.  “We need to stand up for who we are and for how we are. We need to stand together to be stronger. We need to shape a better place for ourselves in this world.”

5. No one deserves to be bullied.

Known as “The Voice,” Dave Fennoy enjoys meeting his fans, many of whom are on the spectrum, at fan conventions across the country. He delights in their uniqueness and creativity. “We must activate our voices because no one deserves to be bullied.”

Andrew is a self-advocate from Happy Hands Toys and he couldn’t agree more. “People like me who have autism act differently. We shouldn’t be picked on because we’re different. I think we should be respected for who we are.”

6. Everyone deserves to be a part of a community, because we all belong.

“I believe that everyone deserves friends who accept them and mentors who believe in them,” says Lydia Wayman. “I activate my voice for autism to say that everyone deserves to be a part of a community because we all along.”

7. Our world is better with a spectrum of voices.

The team at the Universal Fan Con want to speak out for autism too. As the first Fan Con with “inclusion for all” in its mission statement. Co-founder Chauncey Robinson, said that “we stand in solidarity and take part in the counter narrative to a world story of ignorance and hate. It’s through our spectrum of voices where we can be examples of positivity, diversity and hope.”

8. We must speak out for acceptance and inclusion.

Television actress Kathy Kinney, children’s author Julia Finley Mosca for The Innovation Press, Walking Dead video game voice actor Brian Sommer boldly stepped forward (as did many others) to say that it’s no longer acceptable to marginalize autistic individuals — everyone must speak out for acceptance and inclusion for all.

Watch all the actors, authors, and advocate videos over at #Activate4Autism on Geek Club Books. We invite you to activate your voice too!


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