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True Beauty Comes From Authenticity – Not Perfection

I’m not perfect.

I usually wear my hair in a way that covers my right ear. Not so much because I’m ashamed of it, but because 1) the hairstyle looks really cute on me and 2) if I don’t have to draw attention to my ear, then as my choice, I don’t. However, in moments when I do lift up my hair and see my ear exactly as it is, nothing goes through my mind except the simple statement of “I’m not perfect.” And I’m reminded of these three words almost daily.

woman with her hair pulled back

I know it’s pretty bold for me to say that because we live in what I like to call a “Kim Kardashian society” where many women seem to have taken on this burden of being perfect all the time, but I can’t even stress enough how that reality is so false. We are so far from perfect.

Now, I’m not bashing beauty – by all means, makeup is great, and hair extensions make everything better. But what I do want to emphasis is that perfection doesn’t make one beautiful. Having perfectly snatched brows and a contoured face is not the epitome of beauty, but authenticity is. And honestly, I feel the most authentic when I’m being myself and most of the times, myself, just like my ear, is not perfect.

If my ear doesn’t remind me of this reality, then the mistakes I make daily do. Some days I don’t cross every “t” and dot every “i” and for me, that’s a lot, because my natural personality is that of a perfectionist – I’m an organized, type A personality… but I’m getting better. I have to remind myself that my imperfections are just as much a part of me as the things I consider to be perfect.

I show this honest selfie to the world because I want my future daughters to see what real beauty looks like and that beauty is not the kind plastered on TV and magazines. Real beauty is being an ordinary, imperfect woman living life day to day, making extraordinary decisions. So whether you’re a mom raising your kids or student taking a trip abroad, or even like me – a short black girl trying to make a difference in the world, continually remind yourself of these words, “I’m not perfect,” and just continue to live life to the fullest and be you.

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