I Adopted My Daughter Who Has Down Syndrome

In the beginning, I think people questioned our decision, or at least they were concerned. Some of their concerns were valid, but it wasn’t a choice we made without thought. When we saw her picture, we instantly fell in love. There was a moment we didn’t know if we were going to be able to continue our process. Every time we looked at those pictures, there was something in her eyes that drew us in and we couldn’t stand the thought of being forced to walk away. I am so thankful we didn’t have to.

Around this time, a year ago, I was frantically requesting paperwork, forms and official letters to pursue a little girl half way across the world. We were also reading books, magazines and online articles to learn all we could about Down syndrome.


Fast forward to June, and we were on a plane to China to meet our little girl. The first few days were difficult and challenging, we wondered if we could do this thing called parenting a child with Down syndrome. But then we settled in and got to know each other, and the trust began to thicken. Now, we know we don’t have to be “special parents.” We just have to be parents who are willing to be a voice for her, to advocate for her, and then watch her flourish.

Now that we have been home for a little over three months, we have seen just that. She is growing, learning, sharing, showing love — but most importantly, she is laughing. She is silly, smart, creative, a thinker and an amazing hugger. The giggles and squeals when she is playing and interacting with her family amazes me. She is breaking molds — molds that perhaps I was expecting her to fit in, or molds that society has taught us to believe.

My hopes and dreams for her are that she throws caution to the wind, tries new things, dances in the sunlight, pursues her dreams and loves well. My hopes and dreams are the same for both of my girls, because they are both kids, ready to take on the world regardless of an extra chromosome or not.

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