I Cannot Imagine Life Without My Daughter With Down Syndrome

I am a woman of faith and I believe our journey and place in this life is for a bigger, deeper reason than we may realize!

I have a husband who has a giving heart and cares for others, however, his personality type is different than mine. The Lord is using these differences to teach me and mold me in certain areas. My daughter, Savannah Lanier, has Down syndrome and is another gift in my life who has touched our lives and will touch our lives in ways we have not seen nor experienced yet.

Ava, one of my daughters, said tonight, “I can’t imagine our lives without Savannah!” And we can’t!

I believe God uses each member of my family to gain revelation and wisdom. God is molding me in deeper ways I couldn’t experience if I were in a different situation.

Some situations can be easily influenced by “professionals” that tell us our kids are in a low percentile or show us a graph that leaves us feeling doubtful and hopeless from all the negatives and cannots! I want to remind that momma and daddy out there who may be thinking the worst case scenario about your future: God makes no mistakes! Our futures are better because of our children, no matter how many chromosomes they have.

I see statistics that are being proved wrong every day! God is bigger than any chart or statistic. I believe the Lord will use our babies to show the purest love — leaving us in awe of how good God truly is!

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