Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas Puts Out Call for Trauma Counselors

Prioritizing the mental health of those affected by Monday’s tragedy, Mandalay Bay Resort is asking for certified trauma counselors after the mass shooting that occurred earlier on its property:

The resort tweeted:

We are in need of certified trauma counselors. If you can volunteer your time, please go to Circus Circus – Ballroom D where you will be given an assignment. Ask for Tommy Gorbal. We are grateful for the support of our community.

While it’s clear what you can do to help if you are certified and in the Las Vegas area, you can still help if you aren’t nearby or a counselor.

The internet is a powerful place, which means helping can be as simple as sharing resource-based articles or the tweets like the one above within your social networks, increasing the likelihood those trained in crisis counseling see the post.

If you feel moved to do more, sign up today to become a certified crisis counselor. Many hotlines and hospitals look for volunteers — whom they then train — to help out with crises and in emergencies. If you want to help out on a more regular basis, the Crisis Text Line operates a 24/7 crisis line, where people can give — as well as receive — just by texting.

You can also help by donating blood. Nevada hospitals, as well as the city’s sheriff, are asking people within the state to donate, but out-of-state donations can help too. In times of tragedies, blood is often sent from out of state to places in need.

To find a blood donation center near you, visit United Blood Services

Update: On Monday afternoon, Mandalay Bay Resort posted an update stating that it has enough counselors for the day. 

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