We Celebrate the Little Victories With Our Baby Who Has Down Syndrome

She held her head up! Is she supposed to be doing that at this age? Can we put her on her tummy now? Oh my goodness, it’s so exciting!”

It’s really all about the little victories in life, isn’t it? It’s pretty amazing how the smiles, the little baby noises, the big loud burps and the fact that the regional center called us back are all reasons we now jump for joy! Despite the contact with the regional center, all of these milestones are the same reasons I believe any new parent jumps for joy!

Yes, our little baby, Chloe, has Down syndrome, but right now we are feeling the exact same things that every other parent is feeling.

We are praying and hoping for the best in our daughter’s future. We are excited every time she smiles, thinking she is smiling because of our voices. We are laughing from frustration when her poop comes out of her diaper. We are dealing with colic, oh the horrific colic!

All of these wonderful daily events remind us that our beautiful daughter is living life the way life was is lived!

As Chloe’s parents, we want you to know this October — and always — that our daughter lives life so well! She is happy, content and a precious soul that has already changed peoples lives. This October, during Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we urge you to not look at us and feel pity, but instead ask us the hard questions you’ve been wondering about our baby.

Do the research, and recognize that people diagnosed with Down syndrome and their families still get to experience all of the little victories that occur in this life.

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