Las Vegas Tragedy - 5 Things You Can Do

The Mighty shares five ways you can make a difference for those affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas.

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If you’re feeling hopeless today, you are not alone.

Here are 5 ways to help after the Las Vegas tragedy:

  1. Donate Blood.
    1. Hospitals are overburdened, so donate to these clinics in the Las Vegas area.
    2. Labor Health & Welfare Clinic 7135 W. Sahara Avenue.
    3. United Blood Center 6930 West Charleston Boulevard.
  2. Donate Money.
    1. Whether you live near Las Vegas or not, you can be help by donating to these organizations:
    2. Go Fund Me Las Vegas Victims’ Fund
    3. American Red Cross – South NV. Call 702-369-3674.
    4. National Compassion Fund –
  3. Dedicate Time as a Certified Trauma Counselor.
    1. Mandalay Bay Resort is asking for certified crisis counselors to come help victims.
    2. If you aren’t nearby or a counselor, share resources and numbers that victims and families can use.
    3. Crisis Text Line – Text “HOME” to 741-741.
  4. Call your representatives and make your voice heard.
    1. We need to talk about gun violence. If we don’t find a solution, tragedies like this will continue to happen.
  5. Be mindful
    1. The investigation is still underway and many people are hurting.
    2. Don’t add to the chaos with unverified news or insensitive posts.

And take a break from the news if you feel the need to.

It’s important to keep taking care of your own mental health as well.


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