10 Ways to Pass the Time If You Are Stuck in Bed Due to Illness

When you are bedbound the day can seem very long, especially if you don’t have any visitors. What do you do to pass the time? Every day can seem the same if you are not occupying yourself. I have carers coming in three times daily so I am not short on company. However, there are still many hours where I don’t see anyone. You can feel very lonely at times and need to find activities you can do to make the day more enjoyable. The reason you are bed-bound will obviously affect the type of things you are able to do. Whatever the reason, there is something for everyone – it is just finding things you might like.

These are 10 things I do to pass time:

1. Listen to audiobooks – great if have issues with your hands and struggle turning pages or have eye problems. There are so many to download but you need to pay a monthly subscription.

2. Read a magazine/book.

3. Listen to music.

4. Meditation – many free apps available to download on your phone.

5. Physio exercises/stretches.

6. Adult coloring – this has become very popular over the last few years and there are so many different books available, from basic to more advanced.

7. Sleep.

8. Puzzles – these can be jigsaws or puzzle games.

9. Talk to people.

10. Surf the internet.

Hopefully these 10 suggestions for activities to pass time will help if you find yourself in this situation. There are many more but these are simple ones that don’t involve too much or require help from others.

What activities do you do to pass time?

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