Fun and Creative Apps to Try When Your Pain Is Overwhelming

On days when the storm of pain and dizziness takes over my body I try to distract myself by using these particular favorite apps:

1. Netflix

Watching my favorite shows and documentaries on Netflix is a great way to spend my day whenever I am in unbearable pain and everything seems overwhelming. It’s fascinating to travel to those situations that the characters are portraying and a great escape from real to the real world.

2. Audible

I got to know about the audio books app on one of the support groups that I am part of, and since then I have really enjoyed listening to my favorite motivational books. It really helps bring positivity and the zeal to concentrate on all the beautiful things in my life.

3. Busuu

I’ve always wanted to learn a new language, and since my childhood, I’ve been keen on learning French. This app has made it possible for me in the most wonderful way as it gives me the freedom to learn at my own pace. The best part is that this whole learning process is helping me to concentrate on these new positive words, which I absolutely love practicing and repeating. It makes me très contentè (very happy).

4. Skillshare

I have always been a creative person. Expressing myself through different creative mediums is the most enriching feeling. Skillshare has everything to offer to help you embrace your creative side. I learnt a fun way of doodling and it gave me a lot of freedom to express my emotions without any rules.

5. NaturalReader

Due to constant brain fog and lack of concentration, I was struggling a lot with reading, and this app helped beautifully. You can read your favorite blogs and articles without any worries because it has an inbuilt voice, which reads your content impeccably. Quite similar to audio books, but it can also be used for proofreading articles. There are also different options of voices to choose from various countries, so you can choose a dialect that appeals to you.

6. Craftsy

I never thought that I would try my hands at crocheting. Yet, after binge watching YouTube videos, this new journey of weaving the yarn with my own hands and taking each strand of thread in my crochet hook has taught me a lot of patience. I enrolled in one of the beginner level crochet courses in the Craftsy app, and really enjoy how detailed and informative the class has been so far.

These apps don’t relieve the pain that I am in, but it definitely makes it a lot easier to endure. It gives me an opportunity to put my heart and mind in something positive. When my journey ahead seems dark, it adds vibrant colors to the faded path.

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Gettyimage By: Blackzheep

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