Dear Young Mom Facing A Down Syndrome Diagnosis

I know what it feels like to feel unequipped. I am 23 years old and I have two kids two and under, one with Down Syndrome. Sometimes I feel like I am a toddler in an adult body, stumbling around, asking if I’m doing this or that OK and crying when I’m too tired. I am an adult, but I feel so small.

I know what it feels like to be handed a baby who has a condition I knew nothing about. I looked at Arbor’s Down syndrome diagnosis with a positive attitude, but it is hard to be confident about something you don’t know. I get it. I would be lying if I said I never thought someone else would be better at raising my kids than me. However, I am meant to be the mother of my children. I am young, but I am a mother. I believe God placed children who were meant to be mine into my arms.

Young mom like me, you are equipped for this big job of being the mom to a child with Down syndrome. Do not let your age determine your capability. If you feel like you do not know enough, ask questions or read all you can about it. Maybe your wisdom is not as vast as your own mother’s wisdom, but you will get there. If you love your baby, you are already an amazing mom. Loving your baby will cause you to advocate, learn and grow in ways you could never have imagined the moment you first heard the words, “Your baby has Down syndrome.”

You were called for this. You were born for this. Take on your special mission with joy. Trust me, the joy ahead is so worth it.

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