21 Coupons to Give a Friend Struggling With Their Mental Health

When you live with mental health struggles, things like spending time with loved ones, a home-cooked meal or help paying bills tend to be more valuable than gifts such as new clothes, electronics or jewelry. And since these types of practical gifts can’t really be bought in stores and wrapped, we created coupons for kind gestures that can make life easier for a friend struggling with their mental health.

Print the list or copy and paste the coupons you like to send to your friend to “redeem” when they need some love.

1. A Home-Cooked Meal

home cooked meal coupon

2. Washing and Putting Away a Load of Dishes

Washing and Putting Away a Load of Dishes

3. Paying for Your TV Streaming This Month

Paying for Your TV Streaming This Month

4. 15-Minute Massage

15-Minute Massage

5. A Movie Night Featuring the Movie of Your Choice

A Movie Night Featuring the Movie of Your Choice

6. Help With Laundry

Help With Laundry

7. A Self-Care Sunday

A Self-Care Sunday

8. A Mindful Walk

A Mindful Walk

9. A Heartfelt Pep Talk

A Heartfelt Pep Talk

10. A Night of Free Babysitting

A Night of Free Babysitting

11. Cleaning Your Bathroom

Cleaning Your Bathroom

12. Paying the Co-Pay for Your Medication

Paying the Co-Pay for Your Medication

13. A Therapeutic Crafting Session

A Therapeutic Crafting Session

14. A Yoga Class Buddy

A Yoga Class Buddy

15. Taking Your Dog on a Walk

Taking Your Dog on a Walk

16. A Trip to the Grocery Store Plus Unpacking at Home

A Trip to the Grocery Store Plus Unpacking at Home

17. A Coffee Date

A Coffee Date

18. A Judgment-Free Vent Zone

A Judgment-Free Vent Zone

19. Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed

20. A Batch of Your Favorite Cookies

A Batch of Your Favorite Cookies

21. A Warm Hug

warm hug

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