Don't Be Sorry My Child Has Down Syndrome

When you see my son or it comes up in conversation that he has Down syndrome, please don’t apologize. I’m not sorry. I think he’s perfect just as he is and if he were meant to be any other way he would be.

If you feel the need to be sorry about something, be sorry he lives in a world where most people will only see Down syndrome and not Asher.

Be sorry there are people in this world who perpetuate hate and racism, poison our environment, food and water, sell children as sex slaves and lie to us daily claiming it as “journalism” to further their own agendas and increase their monetary benefits.

Be sorry some of the people doing these horrible things are our politicians.

Be sorry there are several countries worldwide trying to completely eradicate Down syndrome with prenatal testing and doctors who basically bully the parents into termination.

Be sorry women are being brutally raped and their rapists are going free because some asshole judge feels that their rights trump those of their victims.

Be sorry that almost 15,000 children will be diagnosed with cancer this month and in the last 20 years only two cancer medications have been developed specifically for them.

Be sorry that I, Asher’s mother, have been fighting for his right to exist since he was still growing inside my belly.

Be sorry drug addiction is an epidemic — killing thousands every day, — and no one seems to be doing anything about.

Be sorry that in his short 3 years, Asher has spent more time in hospitals than most 30 year olds.

Be sorry that loving and respecting your fellow humans is not the norm in our society.

Of all the things you could be sorry for, Down Syndrome shouldn’t be one of them. It shouldn’t even be anywhere on your list of “things to be sorry for.” Clearly there are far more awful things going on in the world!

Down Syndrome is a part of my Asher and he is amazing! Did I plan on it being a part of my life? No, I didn’t, but I’m enjoying this slight detour in my journey and I have the funniest, most adorable tour guide who makes it all worth while. It may take us longer to get to our destination, but that’s OK. I can live with that. In fact, I’m absolutely loving it.

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