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A Request to Beyoncé From a Mother of a Child With Down Syndrome

Dear Beyoncé,

From mother to a mother, I ask you to stand up for our precious ones living the beauty of Down syndrome.

I am Jordan Grace’s mother and I work hard each day for equality, inclusion and most of all respect. It takes a village to raise children, as you know.

It is difficult enough to speak up when trolls come around our platform and try to belittle our precious ones.

I ask you respectfully, as a woman and mother, to ask Eminem to remove the R-word from his lyrics in your new collaborated song, “Walk On Water.”

As a community, we have tried hard to fight this word because it is completely demeaning and hurtful.

I don’t know if he is looking for controversy. However, I am always looking for kindness in this world.

Please consider my request. It takes people on your platform level to speak up for us down here. Be the change!

Thank you.

A very proud mother of a precious one living the beauty of Down syndrome.

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