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I Have Down Syndrome and This Is My Story

I was born and raised in Colorado. I was born three weeks early and I was in intensive care because my weight was 7 pounds, 5 ounces. I have Down syndrome with the complication of a heart defect, so I have survived open heart surgery when the doctors repaired my heart. If I did not have surgery I would have died right there! I had a heart murmur and a hole in my heart, so I was wired with a lot of wires, IVs and machines. So many people from my church prayed for my mom Lori and me! So I could heal from my surgery.

I believe I would not be here if it wasn’t for God. Outside the glass in the hospital my family in the church looked at me and said a prayer. As they were watching over me in the recovery room they knew I would be able to heal from the biggest surgery of my whole life. I now have a scar where they did my cardiac surgery and they sewed me back up. I’m a miracle.

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Thinkstock photo by Alice Photo.