What Helps Me Stay Organized as a Mom of a Child With a Disability

It’s not easy raising a child. Double that when you have two. Triple that when you have three, and so on. When you have a child with a disability to care for along with your other children, the difficulty is increased. Yes, it can be tough sometimes!

But when I see other moms doing it, I’m inspired. I’ve seen moms caring for more than one child with a disability. To me, they are super moms. I can only imagine how hectic their daily schedule can be. I have one child with a disability and I get overwhelmed at times.

One thing I’ve learned from these moms and from my own experience is the importance of being organized. The calendar is my best friend. Whether it be a printed one or an app in an electronic device, I have to have a calendar in which to put all appointments.

I use the calendar app in my phone, which I synchronize to my other devices such as my laptop and iPad. After entering information in my calendar, I write all appointments for the month on our family’s white board in the kitchen. Writing them on the board gives me a quick look at those appointments for the month. Once we’ve gone to one appointment, I erase it from the board.

Aside from being organized with the schedule of appointments, it is important to keep a record of all important telephone numbers. For me, I have the numbers for all of Miguel’s doctors, nurse assistants and therapists. I keep these numbers on my phone contact list as well as on the file folder I’m keeping for Miguel.

Speaking of file folders, I began compiling all of Miguel’s tests and doctor’s reports when we started this journey with his microcephaly. I bring it with me every time we have a doctor’s appointment so I won’t have to explain his medical issues over and over again. And I find that his doctors appreciate I have this file.

In Miguel’s room, I have a board where I pin all necessary forms such as his feeding journal, record of seizures and medicine schedule. It’s very helpful, especially when I am monitoring his feeding and when he has seizures.

It has helped us, especially during those times when we needed to call the paramedics. There was one time when Miguel was having seizures and in respiratory distress, the paramedics simply looked at the board and they got all information they needed, like what type of seizures he had and what medicines I gave. They didn’t have to ask me a lot of questions. That surely saved us precious time!

I can say it’s all worth the effort.

Follow this journey at Miguel’s Life With Microcephaly.

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