Questions You Should Be Asking Your Endocrinologist

Our family doctor is wonderful, and when we first suspected that my wife could have Addison’s disease, he referred us to an endocrinologist in town to run the blood work needed. We went through the process with this new stranger, and although he was able to tell us the diagnosis, his ability to relate and talk with my wife about the disease and what she could expect, was lacking.

She certainly wasn’t looking for a magic bullet.

She did, however, want to get some insight into the things she would experience as this new chapter of life unfolded for her. Instead of insight, all she heard was, “Take these steroids and you should be fine.”

Unfortunately, for so many Addison’s patients, that’s just not the case. Symptoms are not the exact same for every Addison’s patient, and the disease cannot be managed with a one size fits all approach. In fact, many living with Addison’s are also diagnosed with other autoimmune disorders, further compounding the ability to manage symptoms and day to day well-being.

For us, getting the proper advice and guidance from a doctor can be challenging, and that’s why we ask the following questions:

1. Have you had experience treating this type of condition?

2. What should I expect once I start treatment?

3. Are there potential complications that could arise during treatment?

4. If I have questions about my prescription dosing, are you available for a phone conversation?

5. What are other alternatives available to me?

All of these questions are straightforward.

How they answer will give you a better idea of what your relationship will look like in the future. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions early on in the process, and if you feel they are not treating you as an individual, find someone else!

There is a great endocrinologist search tool for those of you located in the United States which can be found here.

Are there any other questions you think should be asked? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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