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3 Ways Technology Helps Me When I’m Isolating Due to Depression

A lot is said about technology and how it might cause us to lose connection with others. As a person who struggles with major depressive disorder, I find that it does the opposite. One of the typical symptoms of depression is isolation, and this is something I struggle with often. When I find it too hard to join the “real world,” I am easily able to join in the “virtual” one. These are the top three ways that technology helps me to connect when I’m isolating.

1. Video Calls

Recently when I was feeling down I called my faraway friend; I live in Saskatchewan and she lives in California. She answered and was in a parking lot, about to go inside to dress shop. We hadn’t planned on it, but instead of saying she was too busy to talk, she kept the video call going and brought me in shopping. As she held out ugly dresses for me to inspect, I went from sullen to laughing. When the camera focused on pretty ones, we both said our “oohs” and “awes.” Our adventure culminated in a dressing room dance party to awful mall music. We were laughing, joking and smiling – and I didn’t have to leave the couch. Of course video calls aren’t always this fun, but just seeing another face, no matter what they are doing, can be incredibly helpful when you haven’t been able to leave your living space for a few days.

2. Instant Messaging

When you have friends all over the world, you truly gain an appreciation for instant messaging. I’m old enough to know what it’s like to simply communicate through email or letters, and it’s never the same. With instant messaging, you can usually find a friend to chat with no matter the hour. You don’t need to do all the steps required to look presentable to the world and you can simply click away at keys. Another faraway friend and I sometimes cue up the same movie and then chat through it. This is a fun distraction when you are in a bad mood, especially if you purposely choose bad movies to make fun of.

3. Instagram

I love using Instagram to connect with other users who post about their mental health. It helps me feel less alone and reminds me that others have the same struggles as I do. Additionally, a lot of inspirational sayings are posted, which can give me the small boost I need for the day. Being able to start and end my day browsing through these pictures has grown to mean a lot to me. Find me on Instagram here. @mentalhealthyxe).

With these three technology resources, I can continue connecting to others, which helps me when I begin to feel better. Instead of having to dive right back into the world, I already have a toe in it, which allows it to feel more natural and less jarring. For me, technology is not dividing; but instead, it allows me to connect when I’m at my lowest.

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