The Line from 'The Office' That Hurt Me as Someone With Depression

“The Office” is an extremely successful TV show adored by millions. However, I had never seen the show, so when an insensitive line from the show was said in my health class, I was confused and hurt.

We were discussing affective disorders, particularly depression, when a guy in my class said, “Depression? Isn’t that just a fancy word for being bummed out?

My heart felt like it had been ripped out of my chest. Depression is real to me. In fact, it’s the most real thing in my life. For someone to tear it down in front of me was terrible. I had no clue that this was just a line in the show. To me, it was an attack on something that has taken control of my life.

After learning that this is in fact a line from “The Office,” I was concerned.

Partly because I have classmates who take in these lies and believe them as truth, but also because the media still puts out messages such as this.

Our shows influence us, so why would we put out hurtful material that will target people, especially those who are hurting? I don’t get the point of that. It’s not funny.

The problem is, no matter how accepting our media can be sometimes, we still have a long way to go — and sometimes, I don’t have the hope that we will ever get there.

So everyone, young and old, I implore you. Please think about the things you accept as truth, and more than that think about what you say. Not everything you see on TV is acceptable to repeat. For those in the same position as me, don’t listen. It’s really hard but you can’t listen to every hurtful word that’s said. You know truth.

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Photo via “The Office” Facebook page

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