12 Ways to Bond With Your Baby in the NICU

A mother of a child who was in the NICU offers practical advice on how parents can bond with their babies even during periods of limited contact.

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The NICU may make it feel difficult to bond with your baby.

Here are some ways that can make it easier:

1.   Care for them by assisting nurses with care tasks.
“I’m so nervous, so tell me if I can like, if I’m not doing it. I’m not pressing –“

2.    Kangaroo care, or skin-to-skin contact for moms and dads.

3.    Give them as much positive touch as possible.

4.   If possible, give them mother’s milk.

5.    Talk to them constantly.

6.    Learn what all the machines are.

7.    Sing to them.

8.    Be present with them.

9.   Make eye contact.

10.   Bring parts of your home to them.

11.   Document everything through photographs, videos and writing.

12.   Become an expert on your child’s condition.

It just takes some creativity and a lot of determination to bond with your baby.

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