When You Feel Alone With Your Depression, Remember This

Just before writing this I came across a post from a friend on Facebook. She said she had been having a tough week and day and was hoping for some positive vibes to be sent her way.

It reminded me we’re not alone in the ways that we feel. Immediately, I picked up my phone and I texted her.

I also had a mentally tough week — frankly a few weeks. And I hadn’t been telling anyone, which is never a good way to deal with negative emotions.

It is easier said than done, to be honest with yourself and others about how you are mentally doing, but nothing will change if you keep silent.

I still don’t have a desire to shout from a mountain that I haven’t been doing my best, but I also refuse to bottle it up until I burst.

When I am not feeling mentally strong, I get stuck inside my head. I become closed off and isolated from the world around me.

There’s a chance I am depressed right now as I write this, yet I feel as I write this it may help lift it a little. Perhaps some of the weight I feel on my shoulders will rise a little.

I will not say I am in a depressive episode. However, I have been struggling and I find that even having the courage to write this is, in a way, me “sticking my tongue out” at my depression.

The last laugh is mine. And perhaps the last laugh is ours.

And perhaps reading this reminded you that you are not alone.

Maybe take the leap of faith and speak out to a friend because you never know who is or has been experiencing something that you are.

I think everyone goes through tough times, whether it be a bad grade or a depressive episode or a relapse. But that is how we get through them — together.

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