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The Affordable Products I Use to Ease Chronic Pain During the Holidays

The holidays can be rough for people with chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Many holiday activities require us to expend precious energy and increase movement. Fortunately, there are many affordable products that can ease pain and discomfort so you can enjoy the holidays.

Here are my recommendations:

Make Gift Wrapping a Snap

One of the most tedious tasks for people with chronic pain is gift wrapping. Fortunately, there are several options for making it bearable.

– This tape dispensing wristlet is loaded with pre-cut tape that will save your achy fingers.

Arthritis scissors are specially designed to lessen pain and discomfort.

– Or you can ditch traditional gift wrapping altogether in favor of fabric gift wrapping. There are many options available, such as fabric squares. You can find them in many craft stores for about a dollar, or you can order some lovely handmade fabric gift bags.

– Remember, many major businesses such as Amazon offer gift wrapping services for a small fee.

Outsource Your Holiday Correspondence

– You can avoid the pain of managing your holiday cards by using a photo website like Shutterfly. They will even stamp and mail your cards for about a dollar per card.

– There are also several services available for thank you cards. Postable has a wide variety of attractive thank you cards you can fill out and send online.

Make Holiday Parties and Events Manageable

– Parties can be exhausting and difficult, especially if you’re expected to stand for long periods. This portable stool is lightweight and comfortable to sit on. It even comes in a variety of colors. For extra support, there’s one with a built-in back.

– A pair of reinforced socks can help with circulation and provide extra support for tired feet.

If Hosting Is Unavoidable

You can still enjoy the holidays as a host or hostess.

– Relieve back pain while working in the kitchen by keeping one foot up on a low step stool while standing in one place.

– Open almost any jar or bottle with this set of jar and bottle openers designed for weaker hands.

– Make the cleanup process go smoothly with disposable plates. You can go with something fancy or be eco-friendly with compostable plates.

Stay Warm on the Go

Cold weather can exacerbate pain symptoms. With all the holiday visits and shopping, it can be tough to keep up. These products will help get you through.

– Keep your space toasty with this portable heater. These little babies put out a surprising amount of heat and can be taken anywhere.

– Keep your feet warm with Merino wool socks. Merino is warm, but also breathable which means your feet will stay cozy without sweating.  

Fingerless gloves help you maintain your temperature without sacrificing dexterity. These are great for reading, typing, or just staying warm indoors and out.

Keep Car Rides Doable

Whether it’s a quick shopping trip or a long drive to the in-laws’ house, riding in the car can be a pain. These easy tricks and products can help.

– Make scraping your windshield easier with a circular scraper. The special shape requires less time and strength to get the job done.

– Or you can ditch scraping altogether with this de-icer spray. If you have a DIY bent, you can even make your own.

– You can also get a little shut-eye in the passenger seat with a lovely travel pillow set. Warm up the pillow in the microwave before you set out to keep your neck from aching.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Check out these useful and user-friendly apps.

Stop Breathe Think is a remarkable app that helps you relieve stress. You can choose up to five emotions and mental states you are experiencing and the app will give you customized options for guided meditation. Each is only a few minutes long. There is even a kids version that is awesome for children with autism, ADHD or just a lot of holiday stress.

– Track your cycles and symptoms with Clue Cycle Tracker. This genius app tracks more than just your period. You can track pain, symptoms, moods and much more. The app will help you to anticipate times of stress, low mood or high pain. The more info you give it, the better it works.

End Your Day Right

Unfortunately, chronic pain and insomnia can go hand in hand. Nighttime is a good time to practice self-care and ease yourself to sleep.

– Ease sore muscles and calm your mind with a magnesium spray. It can be applied directly onto the body. This is great for those who don’t have time for an epsom salt bath.

– Try heat therapy in the form of a relaxing parafin bath. The warmth penetrates your skin and eases joint pain.

– If books or music help you sleep but your earbuds are painful, you can try some sleep headphones. These inexpensive devices help you to lay comfortably and still hear your favorite tunes.

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