Why, as a Woman on the Autism Spectrum, I'm Excited to See Dakota Fanning's Next Film

Ever since I first saw Dakota Fanning guest star on the CSI episode “Blood Drops” back in 2000, I have been a big fan of her work. She is obviously naturally talented as an actress, and I’m always impressed with how she takes on each character.

But, as someone on the autism spectrum, that’s not the only reason I’m excited to see her latest movie, “Please Stand By.” I’ve always told my friends and family that I would be really interested to see how Fanning would take on the role of someone on the spectrum. I would be interested to know how she would portray a meltdown or overstimulation, as well as dealing with everyday life. And in this next film, she does just that.

She plays a young woman on the spectrum who has written a transcript of a show, and she wants desperately to enter it into a contest. So she goes on an adventure to do so. After watching the trailer, I’m already counting the days until the film will be released (January 26, 2018).

In Theaters + On Demand January 26

Please Stand By trailer: Dakota Fanning stars as a woman who escapes a group home hoping to get her Star Trek script produced in Hollywood. On the way she must conquer a new world full of challenges. Also starring Toni Collette, Alice Eve and Patton Oswalt.

Posted by Please Stand By on Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I may already be a fan of Fanning’s work, but this movie will definitely be the most interesting one for me to watch so far.

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