15 Comics That Are Too Relatable If You Live With Depression

When you’re struggling with depression, relief from its symptoms can be difficult to come by. But sometimes, “comic relief” can provide a little pick-me-up when you feel like no one understands what you’re going through — a reminder that you’re not alone in your struggles.

To highlight some amazing artists who draw about mental health, we put together some of our favorite comics you might be able to relate to if you live with depression. Let us know if these hit close to home.

1. Iamboey

2. “The Bear Minimum” by Holli Hindle

a comic about what lack of motivation is like living with depression

3. Shoe Box Blog

comic about depression

4. Will 5:00 Never Come?

comic about bird living with depression

5. Sam Wilman

comic about living with depression

6. Rubyect

comic about depression

7. The Awkward Yeti

comic about depression

8. Ryan Pequin

comic about what it's like to live with depression

9. Ires Myth

comic about living with depression

10. Hyperbole and a Half

comic about what feelings are like when you struggle with depression

11. Claire Jarvis

comic about what living with depression is like

12. A Zillion Dollars Comics

comic about living with depression

12. Adriana Manhattan

TEST: How emotional are you? ME: Veri. Redrawn of an old work. #AdrianaManhattan ????

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14. Da.Di.Dou

Rain: 1 Motivation: 0

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15. The Comical Cyanide

Can you relate?

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