When My Daughter With Down Syndrome Told Me, 'You're Enough'

D’Andra invited 14 of her classmates, teachers and the staff to a holiday open house tonight. At 7:05 pm, it looked like no one was coming. I had baked some sugar cookies to decorate and prepared ingredients to make ornaments.

“I don’t know if anyone is coming sweetheart,” I told D’Andra. I had just given them invitations the day before so I hardly gave them any notice. “That’s OK mom,” she said looking up while applying frosting to a cookie, “You’re enough.”

I looked at her from across the kitchen and said, “You’re OK if I’m the only one at your party?” She nodded and smiled, “You’re enough.”

I ducked out of the room to cry for a few moments. Hearing “you’re enough” from my daughter was like my parents telling me, “you’re a great daughter.” Just being here was enough for my daughter.

Someone did eventually show up with a gift. Her classmate showed up with a colorful box and bow. He was gracious, funny and decorated some cookies with D’Andra.

But how many of us can bring that sense of peace and security by telling someone, “you’re enough.” I know I’ve felt that I’ve had to jump through invisible hoops, or win that contest or award to gain someone’s approval. For my daughter, I’ve learned that I’m enough.

Giving someone your approval can lift a weight off of them. They don’t have to please you. You are pleased just because you enjoy them. Don’t hold back in expressing your love and approval.

I challenge you to tell someone they are enough. Tell them you love them right where they are at. Give them the security and peace of your approval.

I believe there is someone else who says, “you’re enough.” You don’t have to jump through any hoops to get God’s approval, He sees you as enough.

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