To the Person Who Got My Fidget Cube Taken Away From Me in Class

As a person with ADHD, fidgeting helps me concentrate. Many toys and gadgets have been created to help with this problem. One of them is called a “fidget cube.” I have one I take to school with me, and I just fiddle with it under my desk. It eliminates the opportunity to create a whole class distraction like I might if I tapped my pencil. One day, I made the mistake of dropping it.

I quietly picked it up and continued to fidget, but the person next to me saw it and asked to play with it for a bit. I politely said no and explained that it helped me concentrate in class. They continued to ask me for it, replying that it will help them concentrate too. I replied with, “I’m sorry, but no.” They continued to pressure me about it, and I was getting quite frustrated and not focusing on what the teacher was saying. The teacher walked over to me and asked me what was causing the dilemma, and I slowly held up the fidget cube. The teacher said they were going to take it until the end of class. By this time, I was mad. The person next to my shrugged their shoulders and continued to work.

To that person who persistently pressured me to give up my fidget cube, I know it may not look like a big deal to you. I am a people pleaser, so it hurt me to say no to you. It takes a lot of energy for me to concentrate, and fidgeting helps me. I know it’s a little thing to be upset over, but the rest of the class was wasted for me because I couldn’t focus. I didn’t want to hurt you, and if I had two fidget cubes, I would have gladly given you one. It was necessary to help me focus and concentrate in class.

If you see someone with a fidget spinner, cube or any other concentration device, please let them use it in peace. I know it looks cool and fun to play with, but it may be necessary for them to concentrate on what they are doing at that moment. One little thing can change their concentration or lack of. Be kind and considerate, since they may need it more than you.

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