Why I Feel Grateful this Holiday Season When I Look at My Child

With the holiday season and end of the year upon us, it gives me cause to reflect on the many many reasons why I am so grateful to be the momma of a little boy with a chronic condition.

You may read this and think I’m irrational, but I’m not. I know all too well the sad looks, and the, “I don’t know how you do it” comments I get when I talk about my son. Let me assure you of something very important: you don’t have to be sad or feel sorry for us, we are the lucky ones.

Every single day of my life I get to give witness to a living, breathing miracle. How many people get to say that?

I would be outright lying if I didn’t say that with every single brain surgery and procedure my son has had my heart didn’t break a bit more. It is the worst pain as a parent to watch your child suffer and be helpless to fix it. At times, it feels almost suffocating, and there have certainly been moments of incredible sadness and despair. On the flip side of that is grace, more grace really than I ever thought possible.

As much as I hate my son’s suffering, I am equally grateful for the grace and love that encompasses our life.

I am grateful I will never again take the preciousness of my children’s lives for granted. In one day 18 months ago my whole world changed, but now I get to see the importance of living each day with an abundance of love because you don’t know what the next day could bring. I am beyond grateful that with the pain and heartache in this world, my family has been able to see the true kindness of others over and over again.

Have a blessed and happy holiday season, and remember, it’s always possible to find reasons to be grateful.

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