Holiday Gift Ideas for a Loved One With Chronic Pain

For those of you who are looking to buy gifts for a loved one with chronic pain, here are some gift ideas from someone with a chronic pain condition (fibromyalgia):

1. Cold weather gifts

During cold days, many people with chronic pain tend to feel increased pain. Warm gifts can help to soothe the pain.

Heat pads: Heat pads can vary from typical around-the-neck pads to pads with Velcro that can stay in place. If your loved one likes aromatherapy, some pads come with a lavender scent, which can be very relaxing.

Soft cuddly blankets: For people like me, when having increased pain, there can also be a heightened sensitivity to texture. A soft snuggly blanket can be used for extra warmth and comfort.

2. Mobility gifts

Since chronic pain can make mobility a challenge, these items can help make life a little easier.

Electric toothbrush: It’s a great stocking stuffer that requires far less physical effort than a manual toothbrush, with a more thorough clean.

Bags with wheels: Everything from insulated bags for groceries to briefcases for work can help make traveling anywhere easier.

Extension claws: With a handheld extension claw, your loved one can grab things they dropped, or use it to reach for small items from above that can be difficult to grab.

Kitchen electronic appliances: Anything from an egg cooker to an electric toaster oven can help make cooking wholesome food less strenuous to prepare. And when possible, make sure the item is dishwasher safe.

3. Clothing

When experiencing more pain, even dressing can be a challenge. These clothing items can help make dressing easier.

Tracksuits/yoga clothes: These suits can be worn during painful days, both in and out of the home. Because these suits give me a little more room for flexibility than normal clothes, I find it easier to wear them during medical appointments and physical therapy.

Beanie/turban/cap: On the days I have bad fibro flare-ups, putting my hair in a ponytail is painful. So, if I have to go out, I like being able to cover my messy hair with something that can also keep me warm.

Soled slippers/orthopedic shoes: Comfortable footwear is a must for chronic pain.  Orthopedic shoes can be used for daily use. When putting on regular shoes is too difficult, soled slippers can be used for both around the house and going out.

Compression socks/gloves: Walking or grasping can be challenging during painful days. Compression clothing can make these tasks a little easier.

4. Gift cards

While gift cards/certificates are a standard for gifts, the right gift cards/certificates can help tremendously.

Pharmacy: Due to the many over-the-counter items we need from the pharmacy to maintain our health, this is always a great gift.

Gas: There have been times where I had to cancel a medical appointment because I didn’t have enough gas to get there. With a gas card, I can get to my appointment without worrying if I have enough gas to get there.

Massage: For many people with chronic pain, massage therapy helps reduce pain. Before buying the certificate, make sure the facility has a trained massage therapist who is experienced in working with people with chronic pain.

Entertainment: Anything from books to movies to music can help us by distracting us from our pain.

Spa: Any spa treatment, like a manicure, pedicure or facial, can help us to relax, which can be difficult to do when in pain.

Grocery store: Since a special diet is often needed for people with chronic pain conditions, it can get expensive quickly. Before buying a grocery store gift card, make sure you know which store they shop at.

5. Other

Help vouchers: When I was little, Mom would make us vouchers we could redeem for favors, like a back rub or a trip to our favorite store. If you have the time, you can make vouchers with redeemable favors, like a ride to the doctor or helping us clean. Because sometimes, the best gift you can give someone with chronic pain is helping us when we are in need.

Funny homemade card: My little brother, when he didn’t have money for a gift from the store, would make me a funny card with references to things I like. These cards not only continue to make me laugh, but they also reminded me how much I’m loved and cared for. Things we tend to forget, especially when in pain.

Cash: It’s the most flexible gift. Due to the cost of chronic illness, cash can be used to buy or pay for things that are needed to maintain health, like medications or utilities.

I hope this list of gift ideas is helpful. Happy shopping!

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