If You Could See What I See When I Look at My Child

If you could see what I see…

You would see a little boy who is full of laughter, who is full of imagination, who is full of life and who is full of adventure.

If you could see what I see…

You would see a fighter, you would see a great friend, you would see a hard worker, you would see a natural athlete.

If you could see what I see…

You would see only the good, only the possibilities, only the victories and only the bright future ahead.

If you could see what I see…

You would see an unexpected road we’ve traveled, but one that is truly breathtakingly beautiful.

But instead…

You see heartache.

You see disability.

You see brain injury.

You see difficulty.

I’m afraid what you see is a “worst case scenario.”

Oh how I wish people would only look at this kid through my eyes.

Maybe the stigma around brain injury wouldn’t be so hurtful and harmful.

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