Love Over Fear: Caring for My Child in the Middle of the Night

We’ve had some rough nights with Chiara, walking the hallway as we take turns to try and soothe her little body.

Running baths at midnight to help her feel comfort when she can’t find calm.

I mix medicine’s under soft lights and watch the clock tick over from 12 a.m. 2 a.m. 3 a.m. and more.

I carry her body as she drapes over my arms, so delicate, fragile and full of mystery.

I reposition her limbs and try to help her find that space of comfort where she can rest and heal, beyond the labels of her medical conditions.

So thankful my husband is with me through these twilight testing hours.

Through this haze of broken sleep, exhaustion and ongoing physical care, we keep choosing to love over fear.

These tiny micro-milestones of choice in the long run turn out to create some of the biggest shifts of our life, one small midnight moment at a time.

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