6 Self-Care Products That Help Me Relax During the Holidays

It can be easy to get overwhelmed with anxiety during the holidays. There’s so much added stress with last minute gift shopping and family get-togethers – not to mention keeping up with your already packed schedule. With everything going on, don’t forget to take a minute for yourself.

Here are some products I use to help me relax when I need it:

1. Himalayan Salt Tealight Candle Holder

Himalayan salt releases negative ions in the air, which can help promote a peaceful environment and possibly reduce anxiety. Light this candle after a long day and put your
feet up – you deserve it.

2. Relaxing Bath Salts

After running around with family, pamper yourself with a relaxing bath. Unwind and
melt away any aches and pains from the day.

3. Fidget Cube

Waiting in long and seemingly endless lines at the store can leave anyone feeling
anxious and annoyed. Keep a fidget cube in your purse and pull it out when you
need a little relief while you’re out.

4. Bedtime Tea for Stress

With everything on your mind, it can be hard to fall asleep around the holidays – if you don’t pass out from exhaustion first. Try some herbal tea to help calm your mind so you can sleep more soundly.

5. Baby Nessie Tea Infuser 

Speaking of tea – why not use this adorable Baby Nessie Tea Infuser?

6. Essential Oils Diffuser

Use aromatherapy to help relieve any stress or anxiety from the holidays. I suggest using the diffuser when you sleep, in the bath, or while you’re just watching TV – it even comes with a set of essential oils.

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