My Experience on an Accessible Cruise Ship

This was my first tour of a cruise ship; I was instantly hooked when I went onboard. The people and service aboard Regent’s Seven Seas Navigator were incredible. Everyone from the servers to the captain made you feel like you were their number one guest on board.

But this article is about the ship’s wheelchair accessibility, so let’s delve more into that. I was pretty impressed with the ship overall, however the gangway down from the pier (in Vancouver’s port at least) was a steep ramp. I had to hold onto my wheels pretty tightly. I would suggest asking for assistance when going down this gangway if you don’t have good mobility in your arms or hands.

The doorway into the ship has a small ramp that’s not the easiest to get into. But the ramp is there to help seal off the door in case of a fire, so just ask for help over the ramp. Once inside, the ship is very open and spacious.

This ship has four wheelchair accessible rooms; they are very spacious and luxurious. The doorways into the cabins and the cabins’ bathrooms are 37 inches wide. I found the beds to be a bit high from the ground at 28 inches, but their comfort made up for this minor hassle. The side of the room has a sliding glass door (onto your very own private balcony!) and most of the rooms have a chair in front of the sliding door. The staff are happy to remove this for you if it is an obstacle.

The casino on the Navigator was impressive, featuring slots, blackjack and poker tables. Unfortunately, the tables are not easily accessible (most are too high to fit a wheelchair). But all the chairs at the slot machines are removable and easy to wheel up to. So bring lots of quarters for the slots!

The Compass Rose, the ship’s main dining room, is truly spectacular. The tables are very easy to access and are fairly wide, and the chairs are easily removable.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a really in-depth look at Canyon Ranch, the signature spa onboard, but it is something to behold, with massage tables and spa treatments. I highly recommend checking it out. Some of the treatment tables may not be accessible, but talk to the spa staff and I am sure they will do everything in their power to accommodate you and your wheelchair.

I can’t say enough good things about the Regent Seven Seas Navigator. On your next cruise, I would seriously suggest giving them a try.

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Photo via Regent website.

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