A Glimpse Into What Fatigue Really Feels Like

This is the most difficult piece I have ever shared. I like to share things that are uplifting and inspiring, that have a happy ending. So, if you’re expecting that, I’m sorry to disappoint. This piece is about honesty, truth, and real life.

Fatigue is a symptom that so many people who live with chronic illness experience. It is so hard to explain to doctors, friends, and family that fatigue is not just being tired. If you know someone who often complains of fatigue, I hope this sheds some light on their situation. If you are someone who struggles with fatigue, I hope you can relate and take some comfort in knowing that at least someone understands.

Here’s a glimpse into what fatigue really feels like.

Fatigue feels like: Waking up tired, arms too sore to push myself out of bed.

Fatigue feels like: Lead filled feet hitting the floor, crying when you stand up.

Fatigue feels like: Dragging myself to the bathroom, pushing pills down my throat with arms too tired to even lift my water.

Fatigue feels like: Sitting down to shower, even hot water stings, drying off with a sandpaper towel.

Fatigue feels like: Making breakfast slow, drinking too much coffee, burning toast because my eyes won’t stay open.

Fatigue feels like: Getting dressed is a marathon, putting on shoes is the Olympics, and being on time deserves a gold medal.

Fatigue looks like: Lazy, unmotivated, worthless.

Fatigue feels like: Leaving the house is the bravest thing you’ll ever do.

Fatigue feels like: Fighting the longest battle in the world.

Fatigue feels like: You can’t do it, but you will.

Fatigue is: Your fight, your mountain.

Every day you wake up, you win.

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